Yeti Kingdom
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This is my latest update on my senior film, which I am considering calling ‘The Hills of the Hungry Gods’

Here’s my animatic for the Pyramid flick I’m working on in its current every step of development stage. Hope you enjoy. This will be getting better. Don’t worry.

This is a rough cloud moving test, a pop through on ones really. I am eager to redo this shot with a more measured approach.

One of the first scenes I have made for my Senior Project here at CCA. More to come!

An unpaid commission I did for Mamahuhu shoe company from Columbia! You should check out their site at:

This footage is the result of my first commissioned animation. There is still an intense editing process, live action beginning, and rotoscoped ending of the little biker inside the computer still to come. It’ll be on here soon.

Puppets! Wire armatures and hand made clothes. Their heads shrank into voodoo dolls and their latex hands became burnt flesh terminator claws. They can’t be used for the commercial I made them for, but I like them anyway.

A sneakier walk cycle I did right before winter break last year.

Take 2 on the walk cycle I did from below one week later. Some things better, somethings worse. This was my first animation on my first armaverse rig.

Old Trudge cycle from one year ago.

Story Beats for Senior Story

The Ziggurat is at its core a movie about faith. In this case its faith of fulfilling a megalomanical union with a blood hungry god. It centers around Ugoz (a name in writing only, as there is no dialogue or text), the priest of a massive stepped pyramid and his quest to follow the sacred paintings etched onto the shrine walls. So the pictures say, that should the priest of this pyramid fill the stomach of the hungry god with the hearts of the innocent, then he shall meet the hungry god and get to go on adventures with him. While Ugoz keeps an eye out for the last heart, he polishes the idol while the pterodactyls poop on it. 

A smoke on the horizon sparks Ugoz from static sentinel into urgent hunter, weaving through the thick jungle. The smoke comes from a little blue camper Ye (again a name in writing only) toasting marshmallows over a flickering campfire. A snap in the woods interrupts Ye from his fiery meditations. Just as he returns to attend to his marshmallow roasting, a louder snap from the jungle kills out the sounds of the jungle insects. Concerned now, Ye is distracted from his marshmallow catching aflame. Once he notices, he panics and starts waving it around, looking away from the jungle background and revealing the visage of Ugoz, just before his strike.

With Ye safely unconscious, Ugoz manages to haul him to the base of the pyramid without scene. Hoisting Ye from the ground, Ugoz begins to carry his victim up the stairs of the Ziggurat. Resting his prostate victim upon the altar belly up, Ugoz prays to the stern gaze of his idol. Satisfied that he now has the God’s attention, Ugoz proceeds to rip out Ye’s heart with a ceremonial dagger. Hoisting it aloft, with all of his desires in his hand, Ugoz cannot contain his pious ecstasy. Only Ye, reaching for his heart, interrupts. He is quickly kicked down the temple staircase. Back to the ritual, Ugoz tosses the heart into the open mouth of the Hungry God. Anticipating an immediate reaction, Ugoz is tense with excitement, only to slowly grow puzzled. With a rumble, the  idol head begins to retract into the pyramid. Once it has vanished, the rumbling stops. An explosion blasts the back of the pyramid outwards, and upwards rises the avatar of the hungry god, ready to adventure around the galaxy. It hunches over and examines Ugoz. Ugoz, trembles with religious fervor, then relaxes waiting for his enlightenment when he is picked up by a giant hand and crushed, his face revealing his horrible pain mixed with a pious martyrdom. The hand opens and reveals Ugoz’s head attached to his beating heart, picked up and placed in the gaping chest cavity of the camper Ye. With a pass of his diving thumb, the Hungry God sews Ugoz into Ye. The transformation complete, the Ye/Ugoz hybrid crawls onto the Hungry God’s shoulder to blast off into the stars.

Then pterodactyls poop on the temple altar.

This is a quick claymation animation where I wanted to try doing some of the things that only clay can do. Its fast, its intuitive, and tons of fun. Not many armatures can keep up with this stuff.

A selection of several photos from a generally ill-thought out pop-through version of the Ziggurat before I sat down and thought it out. 

A throw back all the way from high-school.

A throw back all the way from high-school.

This is a figure study I did during the summer before Junior year in Figure Sculpture: Illustration with Owen Smith.

This is a figure study I did during the summer before Junior year in Figure Sculpture: Illustration with Owen Smith.